Muslims need to understand that rejecting us is the same as supporting ISIS


Quisling Tongue 2

The courageous hard-working and selfless men and women of the Quisling Foundation have dedicated themselves to the betterment of the Muslims community in the UK and across the world.  We are the Muslim Community’s brightest and best and all we have ever tried to do is use our talents to take on the extremism that blights our communities.

For years we have endured ridicule, harrassment and threats. It is a double insult that so much of the bile and vitriol that has been directed at us has come from self-appointed community leaders. Insulting because it happens at all and insulting because it happens to us, the brave few who have volunteered themselves to shepherd the Muslim community through its transition into a religion compatible with liberal modernity.

We have been accused of fronting a government-sponsored ideological vetting program when all we’ve done is use taxpayers money to help the security services and the media expose those whose beliefs threaten the British way of life.

We have been described as Liberal interventionists, simply for attempting to restructure the values and political views of Muslim communities according to our own beliefs.

Most recently there has been a smear campaign  against our founder, Maagreb Namaz, that is unprecedented even by the barrel-scraping standards of the Internet.

The smears include claims that Mr Namaaz has taken money from American right-wingers that also fund the US Tea Party – despite there being no evidence to support this other than highly tendentious, biased and selective reading of our accounts and financial records.

There have been even more outrageous claims: that Mr Namaaz exaggerated his credentials as a former Islamist; that he has facilitated the legitimisation of Electricite De France (EDF) leader Robby Tomlinson despite indications that the Tomlinson remains a swivel-eyed racist lunatic; that he has no intellectual background in Islamic Studies and is little more than a pompous narcissistic windbag with a Messiah complex.


Tommy Robinson EDL Pegida

Quisling has an undeniable track record when it comes to changing hearts and minds

Nothing could be further from the truth: Mr Namaaz is a man whose level of integrity is plain for all to see. He has dedicated the part of his life not spent espousing the simplistic, destructive fundamentalism of Islamic extremists to combatting it using its own logic and methodology.

But Mr Namaaz is an articulate, intelligent,and well spoken (not to mention charismatic and handsome) man, who can defend himself. Some of those who have been so mercilessly targeted don’t have that luxury.

Quisling has recently recruited the respected Imam, Sheikh Modareti. Modareti’s anti-extremist credentials are second to none, having studied at the greatest institutions in the Islamic world, including the esteemed University of Dagenham.

Far from being thanked for his efforts, Modareti has been pilloried to the point where he felt he had to resign from his teaching post the extremist Totteridge Youth and Community Centre. Soon after he resigned, it emerged that there is no evidence his life has not been threatened.

So-called liberals have not only failed to speak out, but are actively defending this behaviour and even taking part in attacks against us. The rot is so deep that it even reaches the heart of the establishment, with QCs, Human Rights Activists and the NUS joining a campaign to give succour to ISIS. Recently a select committee of Islamist MPs engaged in what can only be described as state-sponsored persecution by questioning our credentials and achievements in a ridiculous attack that makes a mockery of the Mother of Parliaments.

By voicing their opposition to Modareti and abusing freedom of speech to make scandalous allegations against Namaaz on the basis of mere evidence, British Muslims have once again demonstrated what Quisling has always believed: that Islam must undergo a Reformation to make it compatible with Human Rights. The more they reject our efforts to better them, the more clearly they show why we are needed.

The Qusiling Foundation therefore has no option but to inform the British Muslims that it has been authorised by Her Majesty’s Government to pronounce takfir on all those who continue to voice objections to HMG’s counter-extremism agenda or to be critical of the Quisling Foundation’s efforts to create a more tolerant and open form of Islam that is not disloyal or critical of the UK’s foreign or domestic policy.

This fatwa is effective immediately. We are aware of its gravity, but we can no longer tolerate the rejection of the Quisling Foundation and the values of pluralism, openness and respect that it represents. We will be contacting former Muslim organisations shortly with instructions on how to re-apply for membership of the Ummah.



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