No Revolution (The State of Exception)

No Revolution (The State of Exception)

This is no seventeen or sixty-eight

This is something we’ve never seen before

Seen everywhere at once.


This is the uprising that happens

When pygmy politicians have passed the final buck

Agitators given up

And firebrands gone home to their beds.


It is leaderless, aimless and animal

Its manifesto unknown

Even to those

Who are burning on the street.


This is the insurrection that nobody wants to own

Unlike all those trainers and plasmas

All those smart phones

That call from shop windows

And beg us to take them home

By cash in hand, or payment plan

Or any means necessary.


It does us little credit

Now there’s no credit left

To borrow away all consequence

And stay one step ahead of debt.


This is the culture of no responsibility

The self-fulfilling assurance of no-such-thing-as-society

Of weapons never found and wars that never end

Of taxes never enacted, because you know they’ll be avoided

By those who can best afford.


This is the promised end of an ASBO education,

Of broken homes and second homes

Of phone hacks and bailouts and duck-moats

Pay-per-view porn expenses and illegal house arrest.


This is the state of exception

Where you can’t see badges and faces

Of those who police by consent.

This is the constant evocation

Of the latest existential threat

That means the law will keep bending

Though Tomlinson and Duggan are dead

And there will never, ever be justice

For Jean Charles de Menezes.


There can never, ever be justice

Is what this eruption says

There is no-one to lead the revolution we need

So take what you can carry, grab what you can get.



This really is my last word on the subject. If you like it share it around




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