Juvenilia- Said and Done (2005) and Six (2005)

This are the only two love poems I’ve ever written to the woman that eventually became my wife. It is the only one because (as the poem itself says) words fail me.

Said and Done

When I first saw you speak

Your teeth gripped the air

And your hair was like snakes and devils in curls.

The whirls of leaf litter that played across the streets

Whipped hard as the ground

In the wind blowing bitter northeast.

Whatever I heard was whipped away

But what you say is said in the cut of your face

In the dance and the race of eyes and lips.

What words slip away with the leaves in the gale

Have become, after all only leaves in the gale

And the wind can take the language that fails

Now that it fails me.


When freezing midnight hangs on my breath

And all of my life of the yes in your eyes

In this time of strife

I see the men I was and will and ought and might.

When now and when contest the ground

And then and then the sky

And I see the shine in shadow

And I see the depth in light

That is the time to have these eyes.

When death leaks across the great divide

And seepls black into the banks on the other side

When the touch that breaks or halves of heals

Is breathy soft and starry light

That is the time to have these eyes

That is the time to be alive.


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