Juvenilia- Around Midnight (c.2002)

I wrote this in 2002, about the tension between different conceptions of God. In the light of recent events in Norway, the 3rd stanza is sadly just as relevant now as it was then.

Around Midnight

At around midnight we spotted the sun

And as it came up to greet us,

We saw the will of God done

On earth as it is in Heaven.

It clambered over rocks and the light

Flowed like water flows into wine.


I paid the debt in carnations

And cream piled on top of my folly.

There was an insinuation that we had strayed

That my God and I had gone our separate ways.

So when, at around midnight, we spotted the sun,

I had to force a smile.


I never let the mad prophet men tell me

That Jesus is the bottom of a brown paper bag

That beards or megaphones are holy

Or that Allah wants blood.

They invaded me in Leicester Square,

But I wanted the sea.


In my mind, at least, I wore waders

As I was taken by the hand

And led downstream to the salt pools

Where the river meets the sea.

We whiled away a muddy afternoon

Looking for God and shellfish.


I was losing touch with substance

From the moment I was touched by Grace

And the illusion of orderly retreat

Drew deep on the lines of my face

I was waiting for nothing worth naming

When we spotted the sun and came up to greet her.


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